Early Years Web Solutions

Early Years Web Solutions

Providing website solutions for the early years sector

Vaikai Web Design has teamed up with Deborah Udakis Consultancy Ltd to offer a website design service especially for the early years market. Whether you are a childminder, a single setting nursery or lead multiple nurseries, we have a package to enable you to have an effective and attractive online presence.

Nursery School

Website design for single setting nursery schools. Showcase all you can offer to perspective new customers. Show them how really good you are.


Have an outstanding website to show  that you mean business - your own email address and website looks great on a business card.

Multi-Setting Nurseries

Whether you require a single website covering multiple locations or individual websites for all your settings we have the the right website design for you.

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Unique Address

We can help secure and buy your own unique website and email address.

website: www.yourcompany.co.uk

email: info@yourcompany.co.uk

Stay Connected

Introduce a contact page on your new website and let your potential customers  message you. These messages come directly to your inbox.

Chat with an Expert!

Deborah Udakis has a wealth of experience and knowledge. Deborah has over 40 years in Early Years; 8 years in senior leadership roles in London; 22 years in inspection; 16 years in Ofsted, 8 years as Her Majesty’s Inspector (Early Years Specialist). Deborah's unique 'insider's' view of the market sector enables us to produce high end websites showcasing all that is great about the early years.

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‘Vaikai’ (pronounced vai-kai) means children or little ones in Lithuanian. :-)